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Get the support you need from CLS technology.

Don’t have an IT Department? Do you need more resources for your IT department? Or do you need the occasional engineering support?

There’s no system we won’t support: desktops, laptops, tablets, PCs/Macs, Printers, Servers, and more.

With years of experience managing & administering the most demanding IT environments, we bring you the most qualified professionals in the area to serve your business IT needs. Call us today, and we’ll get set up!

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Business IT Support Agreements

Running a business and don’t want to worry about coming up with an appropriate hourly bucket to meet your company’s IT needs? Want a fixed low, fixed-cost agreement that includes ALL of your IT needs? Our Business IT Support Agreement may be the perfect solution for you. 

What's covered in a support agreement?

Listed below are some of the services we provide under our support agreements. Contact us to learn more. 

Desktop Support & Maintenance

  • On-site IT Support
  • Remote Help Desk
  • Unlimited hardware support and unlimited support tickets
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance on every device.

Firewall Support & Maintenance

  • Install and maintain your network’s perimeter network security appliance.
  • Maintain & configure your subscriptions for content filtering, malware protection, SPAM filtering, & more for your network.

Server Support & Maintenance

  • Administer, Support, & Maintain any server you have.
  • Ensure all your critical business systems are running and peak performance and stay that way.
  • Ensure all of your servers are backed up and verified to prevent data loss and ensure business continuity.
Additional Services

Below are a list of some of our most popular services at CLS technology LLC.

If there is a service that you are need of that is not listed below, feel free to contact us!

UCaaS / VoIP Phone Services

CLS can handle all your business communication needs. We offer an enterprise-grade hosted VoIP PBX solution that has all the features needed to keep your business communicating effectively & efficiently. We offer a flat-rate unlimited VoIP platform at a great price with features like: Auto-Attendant, Voicemail Transcription, Find Me, Conference Lines, Video Chat, Mobile App, Outlook / Browser Integration w/ Click to Call, SIP Trunking, SD-WAN, Multi-Site Integration, E-Fax and so much more.

Backup / Failover Internet Services

What happens when your primary Internet service goes down? Does your business come to a complete halt? How much money do you lose when that happens? We offer a managed failover service with industrial-grade equipment that will automatically fail-over to a cellular modem backup that will keep your business processes like IP-based phones, Point-of-Sale terminals, Order Entry, & other network connections up and running to ensure your business stays connected. Ask for more details.

Equipment Procurement

We sell all the tech stuff you need. CLS technology is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of most major technology brands and companies. We have access to several distributors across the country and if given the opportunity, we will be anyone’s prices. Not only do we offer the best prices on technology hardware and software, we are certified with most of our technology partners that we also resell for – that’s the Value-Added part. This means we have the expertise and experience to make sure you are getting the best solution engineered to meet your needs and achieve your business technology goals. Contact us for a quote today!

Mass Image Deployment

For many of our customers, especially in the education industry, we offer mass image deployment and roll-out services for devices purchased from CLS technology. We will work with you and engineer a custom image template to deploy to all of your new machines so they are completely configured and ready to go as soon as you take them out of box. Whether it’s Windows devices or Chromebooks, we can deploy several hundred devices in a day and quickly turn them around ready to be put into production. We offer additional services as part of deployment such as Asset Tagging, Inventory Management, BIOS customization, and more. Let CLS help you streamline your next PC refresh or mass deployment.

Maintenance Plans

Stay on top with a one-year proactive maintenance plan from CLS technology. We'll keep you running with a plethora of options. Maintenance can prevent a variety of problems can arise such as performance issues.

PC Tune Up & Optimization

Is your computer just not running as fast as it used to? Does everything you do take forever? When was the last time you performed maintenance on your computer? Let us look inside your PC and see what may be bogging it down with a PC Tune-Up. We can also optimize your current system.

Virus Removal

Has your computer gone haywire? Are you getting all kinds of crazy pop-ups? Has an "anti-virus" application magically appeared on your computer, asking you to pay to remove viruses? Have things slowed to a halt?
Let us rescue your computer, and we'll remove all the nastiness those bugs have left behind and prevent them from causing permanent damage to your system!

Backups & Data Recovery

The success rate of fully recovering your data after various unwanted or unplanned scenarios if you don't back up your data is uncertain. We can assist you with backing up all of your data so that it is available in case of hard drive failures.

Residential and Business Networking

We can set up your wireless home or business network and maintain your network perimeter.
Experiencing network issues? We'll tackle your most challenging networking issues and whip your network back into shape. We'll manage it whether it's Ethernet, Fiber, Wireless, a LAN/WAN/WLAN, you name it.

Firewall Support & Maintenance

A firewall is your most important defense against inbound threats to your network. As those threats evolve, so does your firewall need to evolve. CLS technology recommends a full-featured network security appliance to combat today's threats that not only has a firewall, but features like content filtering, VPN capabilities, virus protection, SPAM blocking, application control, intrusion prevention, ad blocking, spyware blocking, attack blocking, phish blocking.

Server Administration

We can manage any aspect of a Windows Server environment and non-Windows environments such as Linux and IBM AS/400 (AIX Unix).

  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD)
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Services (DHCP)
  • Domain Name Services (DNS)
  • Print Server
  • Windows Software Update Services (WSUS)
  • Web Server (IIS)
  • File Server Services
Email Administration

A good email address can give your company a professional web presence and a standardized communication tool for your business. If you're looking to standardize all of your company's personal email accounts to a corporate domain or looking for more enhanced features for mobile deployments, CLS technology can get you going. We have a vast array of email management and administration experience from simple POP & IMAP to fully deployed Microsoft Exchange servers with ActiveSync & BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration for mobile deployments.

On-site Support & Remote Help Desk

Need on-site support? We will bring you the most qualified professionals in the area to serve your business IT needs. We also offer Remote Help Desk, which is a service we provide to help lower your IT costs. The Remote Help Desk allows your users to be able to enter help desk / trouble tickets via a web portal from any device that has Internet access. The tickets are then routed and assigned to an engineer. From there your staffs issues will be handled accordingly. While no on-site IT support solution can fully be replaced with a Remote Help Desk, this is an extremely cost-effective solution for your day-to-day IT issues.

Hardware & Software Installation

CLS Technology can assist you with installing new software and configuring it to ensure it runs smoothly. If you require new hardware or would like to upgrade, we can handle it for you. We install hard drives, video cards, NIC, RAM, and more.

Custom Builds/Gaming

This is one of our favorites! Are you a extreme gamer or an enthusiast that wants to build the biggest, baddest, fastest machine possible? COUNT US IN! We can tailor build you as extreme a machine as you can handle. Just give us your requirements, your budget, and we'll make sure we end up with a rock solid beast of a machine and the absolute biggest bang for your buck!

Mobile Deployments

Looking to get your workforce mobile and connected? We can help you get set up. We have experience with setting up iPads, Tablets, DROIDs, BlackBerry's, Windows Mobile, iPhones, Android Phones and more.

Structured Cabling

Whether you need new wires run for a new office building or someone to clean up, identify, and label your existing wiring closets, CLS technology can tidy up your cabling nightmare into the professional installation it should be.

Surveillance Systems

Whether it's to keep an eye on thing after-hours or to serve as a deterrent to unlawful activity; give your business the security and peace of mind you deserve with a high-quality surveillance system. CLS technology can install a high-quality camera system and DVR(s) to ensure you have a visual record of what goes on around your business.


New printer with more buttons and lights than your last car? We can help. If you can't print, your printer's of no value to you. So let us help you with your printer woes.

  • Install your local (USB/Parallel) or network (wired or wireless) printer.
  • Make sure you have the latest driver package installed.
  • Help you set up sharing over your network.
  • Troubleshoot any issues you may be having.
  • Make sure you can print.
    Set up Scan, Fax, & Copy settings on your multi-function device.

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